Welcome to Calef Memorial Library

GetAttachmentThumbnailIn 1919 they first broke ground to build the Calef Memorial Library.  Making this wonderful building 100 years old. There is a warm beauty to this library and I would encourage you to come by and visit, if not for the books, come for the historical ambiance.


Library Catalog link: https://calef.kohavt.org/


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Quote of the Week

“When you love something it loves you back in whatever way it has to love.”

—John Knowles, A Separate Peace

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New This Month

We have new books by Danielle Steel, Janet Evanovich, Kim Mich Richardson, and many others. Come on by and check them out…literally.

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Fact of the Week

Emily Dickinson was one of the most reclusive poets in American literary history. From the 1850s till her death, Dickinson mainly stayed within her Amherst family home and only went outside to tend to the garden. She didn’t even leave her upstairs bedroom to attend her father’s funeral downstairs.


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